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Do | 15.09.2016 | Beginn 11:00 Uhr

Vortrag & Diskussion

Voices from the Void

Spectral Sexualities in a Secular Age

Molly McGarry (University of California at Riverside)
This talk explores queer subject formation in some varieties of nineteenth-century religious experience, tracing a transatlantic genealogy of alternative theology and occult spirituality. From the liminal moment of the turn of the last century, these speculative, spectral sexualities will be excavated, by asking how one might locate alternative futures for sexuality before the clinic, beyond
the confessional, and outside of juridical systems. This lecture examines how the non-secular sexualities associated with Spiritualism and Theosophy were formulated as a becoming informed by the transitive qualities attending contact with the afterlife, the literal transnational movement of the practices, the voices they conjured, and the extraordinary corporeal performances they made

Im Rahmen von: Summer School: “Inside/Outside: Queer Networks in Transnational Perspective”