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Film mit Diskussion
So | 30.04.2023 | Einlass 18:00 Uhr | Beginn 18:30 Uhr

MOVIE • Black faces in white? spaces • FINISSAGE

Film screening followed by a discussion with …thabo thindi * Eine Filmvorführung mit Nachgespräch mit ...thabo thindi
"Black faces in white? space” is an intersectional, multidisciplinary artistic intervention that articulates and reflects the everyday reality of Black people in Germany. Anti-Black racism is quite prevalent and yet is still deliberately ignored by the government structures in this country, thus continuing to subject Black people to structural, social and institutional racism.

The documentary film “Black faces in white? space” (2021) by …thabo thindi explores the dynamics and complexity of being black in a country that considers itself homogenously white. In doing so, the filmmaker attempts to create new perspectives on blackness.

What does it mean to be black in Germany?

About …thabo thindi:
My life journey began in Huhudi township in North-West Province of South Africa where I was born. As a child I had many puzzling questions as to why white people treated us, Black people with such deep hostility accompanied by brutal violence and yet we were still regarded as dangerous devils and them as saints. Currently I am based in Berlin, the city that one could loosely say re-institutionalised the continuation of this oppression and exploitation of black people during and through the so-called 1884 Berlin Congo Conference.
For the moment my life occupation which some might call work is focused on healing, empowering and connecting the Black masses using few tools at my disposal being photography, film, words and my body in order to continue the struggle to liberate us from the yoke of the white men. I personally prefer rather not to be boxed into any kind of categorisation but instead to simply be seen as a human being who is a witness of life.

The film has a length of 75 minutes and is shown in German and English. Subtitles are available. * Die Filmvorführung hat eine Dauer von 75 Minuten und wird auf Deutscher und Englischer Lautsprache gezeigt. Es gibt Untertitel.
artist*Künstler: ...thabo thindi

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