Bildnachweis Foto: Thabo Thindi
Mi | 29.03.2023

Black faces in white? space

A photography exhibition of * Eine Fotoausstellung von Thabo Thindi
"Black faces in white? space” is an intersectional, multidisciplinary artistic intervention that articulates and reflects the everyday reality of Black people in Germany. Anti-Black racism is quite prevalent and yet is still deliberately ignored by the government structures in this country, thus continuing to subject Black people to structural, social and institutional racism.

For centuries the reputation and dignity of Black people has been systematically distorted to dehumanise and criminalise them. This has constituted and justified colonisation, political violence, exploitation and everyday racism against the Black masses. Which still continues to this day.
Through photography, film, performance and conversation this intervention articulates a counter-narrative from Black perspective, challenging the continuing colonial knowledge construct by the white men about and for Black people without their participation nor consent. The aim of this intervention is to deconstruct knowledge and assume space to construct a different perspective about Black people by Black people.

The intervention infiltrates public spaces, political structures, museums, art spaces, educational institutions and online platforms amongst others, portraying a true reality of what it means to be Black in Germany.
artist: Thabo Thindi