Fr | 03.08.2018 | Beginn 19:00 Uhr

Vortrag & Diskussion


Die internationale Diskussionsreihe in englischer Sprache

Dear TEDies,

have you followed technology’s transformation over the past decade? We are curious to explore another astounding way of perceiving reality in the future: virtual reality (and all types of augmented reality of course).

It has moved from gaming and entertainment to education, journalism and production lines.
What if you could experience a story with your entire body, not just with your mind?

While our physical world and the digital information surrounding us is merging more and more, some want to dissolve it altogether. We would like to discuss the impact of artificial realities on our everyday lives in the near future and potentially try out some VR devices with you.

See you on 3.8 after our long summer break!
As usual 18:30 networking and registration, 19:00h start.