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Cancelled events & replacement dates

It may happen that events are cancelled or postponed. We always try to find alternative dates for cancelled events. We ask for your patience: the agencies, artists and we need some time to coordinate.

In principle, your ticket always remains valid: the value does not expire in the event of a cancellation. For events that are cancelled without replacement, you can cancel your ticket directly where you bought it. This also applies if you are unable to attend an offered replacement date for a postponed event. If an event has been cancelled but we are still looking for a replacement date, please wait until we have announced the replacement date before you cancel your ticket.

We can only provide information on cancelled dates if they are events of the Kulturzentrum Pavillon. We can also only cancel tickets that were purchased for our own events via the ticket provider Reservix/ADticket. If you have bought tickets from other event organisers such as Hannover Concerts, Living Concerts or Kulturzentrum Faust or from other ticket shops such as eventim, you must contact them if you have any queries.

You can find more information about the reversal in our FAQs.

Below is an overview of all replacement dates and events that have been cancelled without replacement:

Postponed events

Ersatztermin: 21.10.2024

Falk Schug
Ersatztermin: 21.04.2024

Robert Alan
Ersatztermin: 06.09.2024

Tan Caglar
Ersatztermin: 15.04.2024

Sven Bensmann
Ersatztermin: 14.01.2024

Welttournee • Der Reisepodcast Live
Ersatztermin: 25.02.2024

Events cancelled without replacement

Jan Weiler

31.03.2022, 23.02.2023

Piet Klocke

Mohammad Reza Mortazavi


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