Renting rooms and halls

The halls and rooms in the Cultural Center Pavillon can be booked on request for cultural events, conferences and group meetings. The cultural center has a large hall, a small hall, two group rooms and a spacious foyer. Together with the theaterwerkstatt hannover, the Pavillon also stages plays on Theatre Stages 1 and 2.

All rooms in the Cultural Center Pavillon are accessible without thresholds and at ground level. You can find more information on this topic under Accessibility.

The programme planners of the Pavillon team decide on the allocation of rooms and halls. Please send your request to:


Area: 446 sqm

The foyer leads to the Great Hall, the Small Hall, the two group rooms and the two theatre stages. During events, Café Mezzo offers snacks and drinks at the counter in the foyer. In addition, the foyer can be rented for receptions, communal dining and catering as well as for fairs and bazaars. Furthermore, exhibitions can be shown.

Great Hall

Area: 630 sqm
Room height: 8 m
Flexible stage: up to 8 x 12 m
Seating capacity: depending on stage size, 550 to 600 people in the stalls and on the grandstand plus 70 seats on the grandstand.
Standing room: up to 1,125 people

From partial seating to arena, many set-up variations are possible in the Great Hall. The seats are numbered. A modern ventilation system has been installed, which supplies fresh air and discharges used air. The room acoustics have been planned by experts. Thanks to the acoustic insulation, the hall can be used simultaneously with the other halls in the building. Behind the stage there are also two dressing rooms for the artists with showers and a dining area with a small kitchen.

Small Hall

Area: 218 sqm
Flexible stage: up to 6 x 8 m
Seating: up to 150 people
Standing room: up to 320 people

From café house to bar tables and full seating, the Small Hall offers numerous set-up options for evening events, seminars, workshops and the like. In addition, a tribune can be built in. There is a dressing room behind the stage.

Group room 1

Area: 63 sqm
Seating capacity: up to 40 people

In addition to the two event halls, the house includes two group rooms for seminars, meetings and workshops. Due to its shape, the room is particularly suitable for table circles and small chair circle groups. The large wall offers space for presentations and can be projected by a beamer.

Group room 2

Area: 52 sqm
Seating: up to 40 people

This room is versatile and well suited for seminars and meetings.  Various set-ups such as seating in rows, a table square or the classic circle of chairs are possible. Room 2 also has a beamer for presentations.

Theatre stage 1

Area: 246 sqm
Stage: ground level stage area
Seating: up to 200 people in the stalls and on the grandstand

Theatre Stage 1 is the larger of the two theatre stages and is not only suitable for theatre performances. Due to the black walls and the square construction, the stage is ideal for film screenings or concerts of a special kind. There is a dressing room behind the stage.

Theatre stage 2

Area: 160 sqm
Stage: ground level stage area
Seating: up to 80 people

With its square shape, Stage 2 offers an ideal playing area for smaller theatre performances. Due to the intimate atmosphere, it creates a strong proximity to the playing area. There is a dressing room behind the stage.

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