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Below we publish information on the accessibility of the events and the house. If you have any questions or requests, please contact us by e-mail at or by phone at +49 (0) 511  23 55 55 – 0.

Wheelchair spaces

We ask people with a wheelchair to contact us in advance. Wheelchair seats can be reserved by emailing or calling +49 (0) 511  23 55 55 – 0. Usually, wheelchair spaces are located in the front rows in the stalls. The same applies to all people who have a walking disability and therefore have specific seating needs.

Accompanying person

People with a B symbol on their severely handicapped pass can bring an accompanying person to events. This accompanying person does not need a ticket and can attend free of charge. The accompanying person must be registered in advance: by e-mail to or by telephone on +49 (0) 511  23 55 55 – 0.

Accessibility of the house

Every room in the Cultural Center Pavillon is accessible without a threshold and at ground level. The main entrance to the Cultural Center Pavillon at Lister Meile 4 is accessible without steps. There is an automatic door on the right that opens outwards. Two cash desks are located in the entrance area (counter height: 114 cm) and in the foyer (counter height: 76 cm).

Access to the Café Mezzo as well as the performance venues is possible from the foyer. There are also various seating and standing options in the foyer.

Guidance system for people with visual impairment

In the Pavillon there is a guidance system for people with blindness or visual impairments to ease the navigation in the building. The guidance system leads from the main entrance into the foyer to a haptic map of the house. From there, the guidance system leads to the event rooms Large Hall, Small Hall, the theatre stages Stage 1 and Stage 2 as well as the group rooms Room 1 and Room 2 and the toilets.

Sanitary facilities

A total of three barrier-free toilets are available. One toilet also has a handicapped-accessible shower. In the Pavillon there is an extra changing room with a changing table for small children (height: 74.5 cm); however, its height is not adjustable, and the door of the room opens inwards.

Accessibility backstage

There is a lift backstage for wheelchair users for the stage in the Great Hall. A ramp can be used for the stage in the Small Hall. The stage areas of the theatre stages can be used at ground level.


Unfortunately, the Cultural Center Pavillon does not have its own car park. Public parking spaces are available directly in front of the main entrance. You will find one disabled parking space each at the addresses Lister Meile 7 and Friesenstraße 58.

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