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Do | 28.09.2017 | Beginn 18:30 Uhr

Vortrag & Diskussion

TEDx Hannover-Salon

*Everyday Life in a Digital Future – From Bitcoins to E-Mobility *

Digital technologies changed the way we live compared to 20 years ago and the next decades will surely bring new changes. But what are these changes gonna look like? Let us explore our individual everyday life of the future!

Will Blockchains change the way we earn and consume? And how will we live and commute with the emerging models of transportation?

You might be surprised, but Elon Musk is not the only connection between the future of mobility and money transfer. While you might be familiar already with electric cars, car-sharing and Uber - the future of mobility also holds "smart roads," shared driverless cars and smarter public transport. Yet, the usage of platforms like Uber and Airbnb and technologies like the blockchain also show a paradigm change. Do we trust more in strangers and less in central governments?

Let us find out whether governments need to be in charge of money.
Independent digital currencies (like Bitcoin and Ethereum) offer to transform money, business, government and society, but shall we rather see them as a new form of PayBack Points?

If we imagine a future full of sharing, independent currencies and smart transport – is it a good one?

Join us on 28.09.2017 and become an informed citizen, innovator and investor in a future we all care about - as true innovation lays in finding ways to include everyone!